Fashion has no limit. As long as your creative juices set in, you can always introduce a new stylish trend. Just recently, the ‘Bayeux- influenced’ fashion statement hit the world by storm. This tapestry is rooted in ancient time, particularly when the people from Normandy, France attacked England. Aside from the royal look, this new fashion design would surely bring you back to ancient times.

The Givenchy’s fashion show this year hoisted some of the best coats influenced by the Bayeux Tapestry. On the other hand, a lot of people also witnessed the spectacular ramping of models who wore clothes with some touch of Bayeux design during the Lanvin’s Poolside show. And even the Italian luxury bag Gucci has its own adaptation as it released a Tapestry- inspired backpack.

According to world-renowned fashion guru Elisabeth Murray, the intrusion of this new fashion style did not surprise the designers around the world.

In fact, top-caliber designers betted this design to gain much popularity over Europe and will eventually spread to the other parts of the world.

London’s top-rated fashion designer Edward Crutchley also expressed his sentiment with the tapestry clothes. He said that these new outfits are indeed worthy of the price. Crutchley added that when you wear a dress with lots of hand-woven designs, that will provide an extraordinary feel. You do not only clad yourself with this latest getup, but it is also a clear manifestation of your highest regard to history.

Why Bayeux is Significant to France

This is a magnificent work of art that depicts the Normans battle to conquer England. William, Normandy’s duke, led the said attack in 1066.

The events presented in the Bayeux Tapestry were all woven by hands, and it captured the incomparable courage of Normans within its 70 meters length.

The original Bayeux Tapestry is currently displayed in Normandy, France. Based on press releases, the Bayeux will be sent for good to the United Kingdom this coming 2020.