How to Cancel Tendermeets Account

Social media applications can turn into a major source of wasting time for a lot of people. This happens when one losing control over the usage of these social media applications and can’t stop using them. This is why all these platforms come with the option of deactivating the accounts, and you can choose this option the moment you feel it’s getting out of control. The same thing happens with Tendermeets.

A lot of times, people are not able to control the time they spend on it and end up wasting it way too much. This is when they can avail the option of cancelling the Tendermeets accounts.

The steps to follow

Cancellation of tendermeets accounts required a few simple steps. Following these steps precisely will vanish the account like it was never there. You need to start with logging in to your account or using the already logged in one. The first page you will arrive on will be the homepage. It will show your profile with a picture and all the relevant details. Once you see this page, look for the option of ‘settings’. Hit the option and it will take you to a completely new page. This new page will show you ‘delete account’ option, and this is what you really needed.

The final cancellation

Here you will have to enter your password once again. The moment you select ‘delete account’, the website will ask you to enter the password to your account. Enter it on the given space, and your account will be deleted. An email to verify the deletion of your account will b sent to your email address. This email will be the verification of the fact that you no longer exist on Tendermeets. No one will be able to even spot you by entering your name on the search bar.