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How to Sign Up for VK With No Personal Phone Number verification

How to Sign Up for VK With No Personal Phone Number verification

Creating a VK account is as easy as getting a virtual number. No longer do you need to sign up using your legal phone number. In this article, we will highlight different methods that you can use.

The social platform uses your number for verification purposes. This happens when trying to access your account via an unrecognized device. While it bolsters the security, it can prevent you from accessing your account should you forget your laptop or phone at home.

And while the social media site prompts you to provide your legal number during registration, there exist techniques that can help you bypass this process.

But first, let’s look at the features the VK platform affords you.

The VK social platform is more like Facebook meaning that it allows you to interact with other users. However, it is intended for Russian-speaking people in Eastern Europe and other countries.

  • While most people on this site are Russians, it allows foreigners to get accustomed to Russian’s way of life.
  • The site also supports more than 80 languages among them English. As such you can use it from any country around the globe.
  • Again, you can find friends from all over the world with the click of a button. It is however beneficial if you want to make friends from Russia.
  • Another benefit is that you can download hundreds of thousands of free music. So, if you want to jam to Russian hip hop or jazz, this is the right site for you.
  • Software, eBooks, files, and more are available for free download.
  • Finally, you can find just about anything on this site.

How not to use phone verification

As mentioned, there are several ways to avoid the phone verification process. Here, we will look at three tricks that new and established VK users employ.

1. Use a fake number

The simplest trick is to use a virtual phone number. It hides your identity and allows you to create a VK account without using your personal number. You can visit this website to buy a temporary virtual number.

2. Use a one-time number

Next off, you can opt for another number. Particularly one that you rarely use.

3. Sign up with a social media profile

Finally, you can connect the VK account with your Facebook profile.

How to use Facebook

  • Go to the VK website or download and install the app from Google Store or Apple store.
  • If not yet logged in to your FB account, do so. Once logged in click the “Continue as” button to log in with your FB account.
  • Your profile is up and you can start making friends.

Final verdict

As you can see, getting a VK account does not require you to input your phone number. you can create the account using your Facebook profile, virtual number, or input a new number or one you rarely use. As such, you’ll conceal your personal data while enjoying the parks that VK affords its users.