The New York Fashion Show by Rag and Bone will not happen this time as the supposed venue – the Shed, is under public scrutiny.




The Shed is an event place where many catwalks take place. It is under the New York’s Hudson Yards developer Stephen Ross, owner of Equinox and Soulcycle. He recently organized a re-election fundraising event for Donald Trump. The event happened at his beachfront home in Hamptons, and as reported by Washington Post, tickets cost $100,000 inclusive of a photo opportunity with Trump and lunch. Another ticket costs $250,000 for a chance to converse with the president.


With Ross’ event, Rag and Bone designer Prabal Gurung decided to pull out the show.  It is his way to question those individuals who seem to be only driven by money where their own choices and integrity are compromised.


The political participation of Ross also drew outrage from jewelry designers Dana Lorenz and Humberto Leon. The incident, in turn, made the customers of Soulcycle and Equinox stop supporting the products.


Jewelry designer, Kara Ross, wife of Stephen Ross, also has some shares of controversies. Fellow designer Dana Lorenz asked the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to look into the board membership of Kara Ross. CFDA replied that the organization is not for profit and will not participate in any political campaigns.



Regarding the controversy, The Shed, explained that it is an independent body and is not owned or manipulated by and for any private profit.


Harvey Spevak, executive chairman of Equinox, also expressed his regret over the fundraising activity. He assured the costumers that Stephen Ross does not manage the company, and just like him, Ross is only an investor. He promised to donate $1m to five charities as a form of giving back to the community.


On the other hand, according to Ross’ letter to the costumers of Soul Cycle and Equinox, he has long been an advocate of the democratic process. While he is an acquaintance of Trump for 40 years, they still have disagreements on specific issues, and he freely expresses his opinions regarding this.

Bigger Problems


It seems the fashion and art industry are facing much bigger problems.

Seven artists participating in the 2019 Whitney Biennial, call on to the organizers to pull out their work.

The call is in response to the museum’s lack of action for the demand of removing Warren Kanders as a board member. Kanders have connections with Safariland, which is a tear gas distribution company.


The fashion industry is also under the public eye as they fail to take action on the environmental damage caused by productions, which accounts for 10% of planet heating emissions.


The group Extinction Rebellion also asked the British Fashion Council to cancel the London fashion week and deal with the environmental threats facing us. The organization also urges its followers to boycott fashion for a year.